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Our company is on the global market since 2005 and provides comprehensive legal services and support of foreign economic activity anywhere in the world. We unite more than 130 of the best logistics and customs companies in Ukraine and the European Union, law firms, as well as specialized organizations in the field of foreign trade.

I, Ilya Odintsov, together with my partners, have extensive legal experience in successfully supporting our clients and have created several automated products in the field of foreign economic activity and other areas of jurisprudence.



FEA complex for clients

We will comprehensively accompany your foreign trade activities as in Ukraine, as in Europe and will provide a ready-made comprehensive solution individually for your request!

Our partners

We offer you to become our partner and provide comprehensive services of foreign economic activity for your partners and clients. We offer to save your time and money together, and receive a decent reward for our complex service with you.

Also, you can also make out goods for your client anywhere in Ukraine and Europe, all this with the help of our partner base!

How can we help you?

  • Product audit;
  • Certificate;
  • Veterinary evidence (certificate);
  • Sheets and certificates of conformity;
  • Conclusions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI): by code and cost;
  • The conclusion of the State Drug Control Service of Ukraine;
  • Conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological service;
  • Permission of the State Export Control Service (SECS);
  • Permission of the Ministry of Ecology;
  • Permission of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU);
  • Letters of explanation from the Ministry of Economic Development;
  • Lab Conclusions (private and public);
  • Conclusion Derzhnovnishform or Ukrpromvneshnekspertiza;
  • Other necessary documents to protect the interests of the client in the completion of foreign economic activity.
12 years of work expirience
FEA control
Automated system of use

Our law firm FEAcontrol, together with our partners, the construction company SAB Construction. Thanks to a comprehensive solution, we know what difficulties may arise at each stage.

We help our clients in such matters:

  • Privatization of land and registration of a full package of documents;
  • The legalization of samostroya (by constructionist);
  • SACC (accompaniment - from the permit for construction or reconstruction to the registration of the right of ownership);
  • BTI projects, technical reports are advised by former employees of state institutions;
  • Privatization of apartments, recovery of documents (orders, etc.);
  • Various litigation;
For a free consultation contact us by phone or via contact form.
SAB Construction
SAB Construction
All objects at the photo are made and decorated together with our partners.
  • You are going to buy a plot and build a house on it - we will help you arrange the documents correctly from the very beginning, which will save you money, time and effort in the future
  • You have already built a house and you want to legitimize it? Find out if you can get under construction amnesty?
  • Privatization of an apartment in a house or a hostel - lost documents or errors in them? We will help to restore and issue in a short time.
  • Privatization of land and execution of a package of documents that will allow you to safely dispose of your property in the future
  • Started repairs in the apartment and need to legalize the reconstruction? We will tell you what is best to do and at what stage

We work with experts who worked in the BTI, SACC and other specialized structures - We know how to properly prepare documents without penalties and consequences.

How our system works for you

How our system works for you
I phase

You are sending the form

II phase

We analyze your request and transfer to work to:

  • 5 customs brokers
  • 5 logistics companies
  • customs broker in the European Union
  • 1-2 law firms (* depending on the complexity of the request)
III phase

Your decision will based on the finished report

Your decision will based on the finished report

Why us?

  • The lack of an integrated approach leads to financial and temporary losses - we will help you to avoid it!
  • Complex solution - high profitability of the transaction and the absence of fines at customs!
  • European approach - no hidden fees
  • "FEA control" - an automated system
  • Analysis of your request, taking into account the Ukrainian and European legislation and the specifics of the goods

Our partners

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Evgeny Smirno
I want to say a big thank you to this company. Because not many companies are able to fulfill their obligations to fulfill the order. They helped me quickly obtain the necessary documents for the implementation of foreign economic activity at a reasonable price. We will continue to cooperate further!
Evgeny Smirnov


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